DIBASIC ESTER (DBE) | Low VOC Solvents for Industrial and Specialty Applications | NON Hazmat | Free Shipping

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Dibasic Ester (DBE) is an ester of a dicarboxylic acid. ... Dibasic esters are used in paints, paint strippers, coatings, plasticizers, resins, binders, solvents, polyols, soil stabilization, chemical grouting, oilfield drilling fluids, crop protection products, cedar spray, and adhesives.

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  • Adhesives & Cements
  • Coil Coatings
  • D - Limonene Replacement
  • Graffiti Removers
  • Green Products
  • Ink Remover
  • Ink Solvent
  • Metal Cleaners
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Oil Field Service Chemicals
  • Paint Solvent
  • Paint Strippers
  • Polyester Resins
  • Solvent
  • Textile Lubricant 



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