TETRAHYDROFURAN (THF) | Solvent for Professional and Industrial uses | Hazmat | Free Shipping

SKU 1287SDR397-1

Highly Polar Solvent.

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Adhesives - can be used to join rigid plastic pipe & in compounded cement for leather, plastic sheet film extrusions & for molded plastic parts assemblies.

Cellophane - Coated Cellophane



Magnetic Tape - Solvents are needed to dissolve the raw binder polymers & to provide a fluid medium for the pigment dispersion in the magnetic tape paint.

Polyurethane Coatings - Solvent

PVC Cement - Meets NSF Standards. It can be formulated with additional solvents & inorganic fillers to control set time. Can also function as a PVC type cleaner before the joint formation

Solvent - Stable under very strongly basic conditions.

Vinyl Film - A superb solvent for many chlorinated resins that find utility in film formation applications such as vinyl top coating, cast vinyl films, and coated cellophane.


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