Wet Wipe | ALCOHOL FREE | Wipe Essentials Anti-bacterial | 30 count pack, Kills 99.99% of Germs

SKU 1438D7X6-2R

Wet Wipes in Resealable Soft Pack:

  • The FDA Approved, family safe active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride continues to kill germs after it’s applied. So even after your hands are dry, you’re still protected.
  • While other wipes are alcohol-based and dry out your hands, HandyClean Hand Sanitizer Wipes are alcohol-free and contain aloe vera and vitamin E moisturize your hands. Leaving them clean and soft.
  • 30 Count - anywhere you need to clean hands or there’s no water available. The pouch is resealable to ensure your wipes are always fresh.
  • The wipes contain just the right amount of moisture and sanitizing agent to thoroughly clean your hands, without leaving a soapy residue behind afterward.